12 September 2010


13 Sep 1764 (246 years ago) - Edward BARBER and Mary BIRKS were married at Bolton upon Dearne, Yorkshire, England. Was the Elizabeth BARBER who married William HUDSON their daughter? [Maybe my great-great-great-grandparents?]

13 Sep 1810 (100 years ago) - Duncan CAMPBELL and Helen CAMPBELL were married on the Isle of Tiree, Argyllshire, Scotland. After Duncan died, his wife Helen (or Ellen) and her children emigrated to Sydney, NSW, Australia on the British King. Her sons were pioneers of Gippsland (Victoria). [Great-great-great-grandparents]

18 Sep 1768 (242 years ago) - Elizabeth Harley PORTER was baptised at Stockwell Chapel, Lambeth, Surrey, England. Elizabeth was a daughter of James PORTER and Catherine HARLEY, and the wife of William WEBSTER. I am still looking for a record of Elizabeth WEBSTER's death (maybe about 1851). [Great-great-great-great-grandmother]

If you are researching these families, I will gladly provide full details of my sources, which include parish registers. My thanks to Michael Flynn for his help.

The idea for this weekly feature came from Linda McCauley's Documenting the Details. I use On This Day, a companion product for The Master Genealogist, to generate a list of events for the week.


  1. Another TMG user! I import my TMG data into TNG for publishing on the web. TNG has a nifty display for events by day/week/month/year etc one can also select just one type of evnet eg all Christenings in March 1803.
    Take a look at: http://www.geniaus.net/anniversaries.php

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.


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