Surnames in my family tree include:

Agar, Ashton, Barber, Birks, Blair, Bowser, Brazil, Burnley, Bussell, Butler, Bynon, Campbell, Capsticks, Clark, Cockburn, Cordeux, Corduex, Cordukes, Cornish, Coulson, Dasey, Deller, Derbyshire, Giblett, Harley, Hazlewood, Holmes, Hudson, Hugill, Johnson, Lamont, Leaper, Livermore, Livermore, MacDonald, Matthew, McCall, McColl, McKenzie, McNaughton, Mountain, Mustell, Nicholson, Peacock, Porter, Sheppard, Sherring, Smith, Steinke, Upright, Weaver, Webster, Wells.

Family Groups

Those surnames are from three family lines that I am currently researching (CAMPBELL, HUDSON, WEBSTER). The family groups include:

  • CAMPBELL line - Scotland (Argyllshire) or Australia:

    Blair, Campbell, Cockburn, Coulson, Holmes, Lamont, Livermore, Sherring, McCall, McColl, MacDonald, McKenzie, McNaughton, Webster, Wells.

  • HUDSON line - England or Australia:

    Agar, Ashton, Barber, Birks, Bowser, Burnley, Bynon, Capsticks, Clark, Cordeux, Corduex, Cordukes, Dasey, Deller, Derbyshire, Hudson, Hugill, Johnson, Leaper, Matthew, Mountain, Peacock, Upright.

  • WEBSTER line - England or Australia (but NICHOLSON is Ireland + Australia):

    Brazil, Bussell, Butler, Campbell, Cornish, Giblett, Harley, Hazlewood, Livermore, Mustell, Nicholson, Porter, Sheppard, Sherring, Smith, Steinke, Weaver, Webster.

For most of these families, more details are on my Web site at or in stories about my ancestors.


  1. Hello Judy. I was born in Brisbane Australia 1945. Birth mother - Viola Muriel nee DAWSON adopted to WALLIS - father - Edward R. Gaffney ( USA). Viola M. is a child born in 1918 to Ivy Olive CAMPBELL and Thomas 'Mick' DAWSON. They married in 1914. In 1915 their first child was born - Iris Viola DAWSON ( also adopted out but don't have that name ). Ivy Olive CAMPBELL died in 1920 and Thomas DAWSON in 1973.
    Ivy's birth mother was Matilda SMITH and her father was Alexander Peatson CAMPBELL. I'm trying to gather info on these two people - who were my maternal grandparents. Do you have any available info?
    Sharyn Marie Pearl Gaffney currently living in Italy.

    1. Hello Sharyn. None of these names sound familiar (as far as my personal family tree is concerned), but my Web site,, has advice about sources that may be helpful.

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