13 July 2013

Genealogy Serendipity and the False Identity Story

From the cover of 'Inside History'
A few days ago, in False Identity and other Eureka Moments in Family History, I mentioned my article (published in Inside History magazine) about 19th century immigrants to Australia who travelled using false identities.

Today I received an email that stunned and delighted me. It said,
You came to Coffs Harbour and gave us a talk some time ago... I have just read your article in Inside History regarding John and Peter Anderson travelling under false names on the Hannah Landels. John Anderson is my great grandfather... I have searched and searched and had the Oxley Library and others in Queensland look for me and we couldn't find them on the passenger list.
The chances of a descendant reading that article must surely have been very small - and yet it happened, and the descendant is someone I've met. This is just amazing - and, for that descendant, a big Eureka moment!


  1. This is definitely a "Eureka Moment"! Fantastic.

    I really enjoyed the article too.

    1. Thanks Sharon. A day later, I am still shaking my head in amazement at the way this worked out.

  2. Great result, Judy... it's the unexpected that gives the most pleasure...Congratulations... the article was very interesting. I did wonder at the time if there are ever outcomes on some of the articles... glad to see there was.

    1. Thanks Chris. I must remember to ask Cassie Mercer whether there have been similarly exciting results from other articles in 'Inside History' magazine.

  3. Replies
    1. It certainly is, Maureen. Thanks for commenting.


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