4 July 2012

G is for Gypsies, GENUKI and Gold Coast

I was eight weeks late starting the the 'Family History Through the Alphabet' challenge, but I am determined to catch up! Here is my contribution to the letter 'G'.

G is for...
  • Gypsies.  The Romany and Traveller Family History Society is dedicated to researching British Romany Gypsy, Traveller and Fairground ancestors.

  • GENUKI.  The huge GENUKI Web site is the best starting point for genealogy in the UK and Ireland.

  • Gold Coast.  Somerville Funerals undertakers records include overseas and interstate residents who died while holidaying on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia). The records give name, age, dates of birth/death/burial, where from, cause of death, next of kin and other remarks. Names from 1965-1983 have been indexed by the Gold Coast Family History Society. (This is an extract from the book Specialist Indexes in Australia: a Genealogist's Guide, which is described on my Web site.)

You will find more tips for family history in my other articles in this series. If the information and advice is useful, have a look at this page.


  1. Now who would have ever thought they'd see the words: Gypsies, GENUKI and Gold Coast in the same sentence? What a fabulous combination, and each has wonderful records. I still use the GENUKI site whenever I get a chance to do my own research.

    1. 'Whenever I get a chance to do my own research'... I know exactly how you feel! And yet, here I am, writing blog posts. Hmmm. ;-)


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