2 July 2010

LostCousins.com (Follow Friday)

LostCousins.com is probably the only web site that identifies (with virtually 100% accuracy) people who share the same ancestors. You do not waste time corresponding with people who are not related to you! I have found several new relatives here; and the free email newsletter has lots of useful tips.

To use LostCousins you need to find your relatives in the census for England and Wales 1841, 1881 or 1911; Scotland 1881; United States 1880 & 1940; Canada 1881; or Ireland 1911. Then at LostCousins you enter the census source/page details for those names. Read the instructions carefully (see 'Information - Read this first') before gathering and entering data, as requirements for each census are different. If you prepare well, entering the data is a lot quicker.

Be sure to include brothers and sisters of your direct ancestors, because it is their descendants who are the 'cousins' you want to contact.

After entering some relatives, click 'Search', and the system checks whether someone else has entered identical data. Remember to log in periodically, go to your 'My Ancestors' page and repeat the search.

It is FREE to join LostCousins and enter your data, but I choose to pay a small annual subscription (about $10) so that there are no restrictions on contacting my distant cousins when they are identified by the extremely accurate matching system.

The more people who enter census data for direct ancestors and their siblings, the greater the chances of finding our 'lost cousins'. Maybe you are my distant relative! I'm waiting to find you - so please... start using LostCousins today!

(This post first appeared on http://uk-australia.blogspot.com.au/2010/07/follow-friday-lostcousinscom.html. 'Follow Friday' is a theme used by Geneabloggers.)


  1. Hello Judy and welcome

    Yes, great minds do think alike *grins*. I have also had success with GenesReunited. And a whole branch of my family emigrated to Australia a good many years ago, and now there are 600+ of them!

  2. Hello Ros. Have you been able to visit any of your Australian relatives? And which AUS Web sites have you found most useful? As for GenesReunited: I put my tree there a while ago, then last year I paid for a 6 month subscription, and I did have some success. But their alleged 'hot matches' (which were usually no match at all) drove me crazy. I am not currently a paying subscriber. In a future 'Follow Friday' post I will mention a couple of other sites that I found useful for contacting other researching my family.

  3. You can now enter people from the 1911 census for England and Wales (in addition to the other censuses I mentioned).


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